Late to the Party

Dear diary,

As usual I am late to this Outlander Party.  I was at least 5 years past the release of the book and maybe a few more to find those who loved it as much as I (Thank you Ladies of Lallybroch!)  Then I didn’t even know until, I think close to December of last year about the show even being made.  _sigh_

I am slow on the draw for doing this blog too.  There are SO many (and I reiterate…SOOOOO) many Outlander TV series review/recap blogs out there.  I just wanted to write something about my only favorite books and TV series. Yes, you doubt that Diana Gabaldon’s books are my only favorite book.  I hear you.  However no other book – none- have hit me like these.  None have spoken to me like those characters.  I will admit something very personal to you.  I suffer from PTSD.  I have had it apparently since childhood.  Outlander saved my mind from going insane and gave me an outlet to imagine and give me hope.  Jamie Fraser is my hero and (not to sound weird) but my “protector” if you will.  So…..THANK YOU Diana Gabaldon for these books from the bottom of my heart.

I assure you all, that this is by no means, how this blog will be.  This is a “getting-to-know-me” post.  I feel the urge to be creative..that I can be,but something happens.  I like to write.  I have so much in my head and characters just itching to get out, but when I try to write, I become, I guess you could say, afraid, if not blocked.  My perfectionism comes into play also and then the story never comes to fruition.

So, here I am writing this blog, thinking to myself that I WILL write, no matter what and put it out there.  It may not be as creative as some out there, but it will be MINE.


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